r e a d   t h e   b o o k

s o l v e   t h e   p u z z l e

-   b e   a   h e r o

It's the future.

Virnation is the most popular virtual community ever, it's success fuelled by one simple concept: reality. Unlike other virtual worlds - populated by trolls and vampires, witches and warlords - in Virnation no one has super powers or magical potions. You can't break the laws of reality, or even bend them.

It's just like home.

Mundane in a way, maybe, but it offers a place where people can go, escape from the troubles of their everyday lives, be someone else, just for a while - without cause to worry about curses or runestones.

Virnation is a virtual world but it is to make its mark on the real one, and on one individual in particular. One Lleyton Quinn. An economist. An unlikely hero.

But that is all to come. That is the future. This is the now. This is where it all began.

A simple puzzle to promote a book. And the puzzle is simply this: